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The Editor

August 9, 2014
Yes the heat is on and it’s time to stay outside and breathe that fresh air. And it’s time to take a selection of our Kindle novels with you to while away the hours. The Kindle Paperwhite is fantastic in outside sunny conditions. We have thrillers, short stories, comic novels and soon three new titles ideal for engaging the mind. New FREE stories regularly appear on our front page (and a free audio book too) Please don’t forget to sign up to our Facebook for your hilarious weekly dose of our Overheard in the world conversations. And tell your Facebook friends to join us too. Never has the world heard such strange things that folk come out with! Laugh out loud with us. And for those thoughtful moment our Twitter feed has sayings to share with your friends and family. Coming soon a new video from one of our writers telling you how it is for them. Finally: Don’t forget the sunscreen.
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