Hothouse Project 2010

Listed below is a small selection of course work that some of the Hothouse Students created on their course. They were required to hit deadlines, write reviews, commentary, opinion pieces and even got dropped in at the deep end with a suprise Press Conference (where they were given just 10 minutes to prepare). Charles Shaar Murray’s no nonsense and inspirational approach to real world writing had an impact on all who attended. Everyone who arrived left as a better writer. Some students will soon be appearing on the Main site with new works including novels and short stories. The new course begins soon!

“The hothouse helped me cut the crap. No mean feat!” Thomas Campbell

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Charles Shaar Murray’s Hothouse Project “Journalism as Craft and Art” writing course

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The Course

The course gave me a great insight into language, preparation and writing articles. The key elements I learnt were to make your articles lively, refreshing and take command of the reader’s attention.
I think that Charles gave a clear insight into approaching writing with the vision of preparing work of a professional quality.
Charles’s humour, real life experiences and his encouraging approach brought out the best in my work.
For any budding writing I would strongly recommend this course.
The Hothouse studio is a relaxed environment to work in and commuting is easy with its central London location.


CaptureThe Lovely Bones

David Hodson has been, at various points in the past, a bookseller and wholesaler; comic shop owner, teacher for the prison and probation services, student union bar manager, photographer and writer. He is currently an archaeologist in London, specialising in environmental archaeology. As an ex-editor of Matrix for the British Science Fiction Association and employee of Forbidden Planet, he has a special love of science fiction and could bore for England on the subject as well as pontificate at length on films, music, television, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and the state of the nation– usually with a pint in his hand!

Capture My son telephoned me recently…

Capture Solomon Kane (DVD 2010) review

Capture No-One Expects the Spanish Inquisition…

A true Londoner, lives in Hoxton works in Shoreditch pub. Raucous sense of humour. Articles in I-D Mag, Juke Mag, P.I..X Fanzine and WOUND. Writes mainy about music.

Capture The 1234 (Shoreditch Music) Festival

CaptureZodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction

CaptureGoldilocks And The Bears Downstairs

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