The Writers


Anna Chen  twitter

Anna Chen is a highly respected writer, broadcaster and performer.

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Charles Shaar Murray  twitterfb

He’s been appearing regularly in print for four decades, and has long been recognised as one of the most admired stylists in British pop-cultural journalism.

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Dave Ford

Dave Ford believes that if enough monkeys given enough time can write the works of Shakespeare, then creating a work of genius is just a matter of putting in the hours.

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John Bird  twitter

John Bird M.B.E is a social entrepreneur and complete force of nature. The founder of The Big Issue and countless innovative social intervention projects, he is an accomplished author, playwright, artist and raconteur.

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John Gardner

John Gardner is a straightforward business mentor with 25 years experience helping grow SMEs and corporate household names in various business sectors by mentoring senior executives.

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Marva Longmore

Marva Longmore was born in London and has been writing for many years.

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Phil promo 070

Phil Ryan

Phil Ryan has been a writer and a creator for the last thirty years. He has travelled the world and been many things.

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depressed child

Tom Hollingsworth

Tom Hollingsworth is a writer of short stories. Stories that mystify him.

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