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Anna Chen is a writer, broadcaster and performer who’s been shortlisted for the Orwell Prize for blogging. She has written for the Guardian, New Internationalist Magazine, Tribune, the Morning Star and the South China Morning Post. She writes and presents programmes for BBC Radio 4 and has her own series on Resonance 104.4FM: Madam Miaow’s Culture Lounge. Among her innovative theatrical productions, one piece, the acclaimed Suzy Wrong – Human Cannon, has been performed nationally, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is the author of I, Imelda, Anna May Wong Must Die! and The Steampunk Opium Wars which was commissioned by the Royal Maritime Museum in Greenwich, and which she is now writing as a novel. Her first poetry was published by Jonathan Cape when she was 14. Her first poetry collection — Reaching for my Gnu — is now out as an ebook and paperback.

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Reaching for my Gnu

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