John Bird


John Bird M.B.E is a social entrepreneur and complete force of nature. The founder of The Big Issue and countless innovative social intervention projects, he is an accomplished author, playwright, artist and raconteur.

His autobiography Some Luck is a compelling read, charting as it does his childhood poverty and how he rose to become the visionary who transformed the lives of thousands of homeless people around the world.

John Bird is a national treasure. He is currently working on a film and a theatre piece. He created The Big Issue with fellow Storm writer Phil Ryan.

In May 2013 they appeared together to launch John’s latest book Why Drawing Naked Women is Good for the Soul at the Theatro Technis in London. And in 2014 have appeared together in Johns theatre presentation ‘The Naked Bird’ at The Oxford Playhouse (John and Phil premiered a version of this show at the Edinburgh Festival in 2007) . John has a series of books with Quarto books including his wonderful polemic ‘The Necessity of Poverty’. He is a prolific writer and artist.

Watch this interview to get some great writing tips from John:

CaptureJohn Bird – Why Drawing Naked Women Is Good For The Soul

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