John Gardner

JG.CU 2John Gardner is a straightforward business mentor with 25 years experience helping grow SMEs and corporate household names in various business sectors by mentoring senior executives. He is the founder and creator of G-SET, a unique course that specialises in removing the destructive mask of stress from employees.

He has a long history in both the television and advertising industry, combining his unique blend of communication skills and vision. “Core beliefs are important but it is passion that builds our world” is just one of his many sayings. John has been an invited speaker at numerous business events at the NEC, Earls Court and the ICTF Symposium Paris (2012), talking on the subject of smarter thinking for better business and stress in the workplace.

He is a writer of several award winning business television programmes and magazine articles on finance and the credit industry. Throughout his business career he has been a prolific writer and journalist now venturing into the world of fiction with a series of stories and novels. Take a look into the mind of a world traveller and unique business guru. You’ll be surprised. Guaranteed.

Read an extract from his new Detective novel ‘THE LEFIRT DIARIES’. If you like gritty reality John’s your man. More work coming soon including his insightful Stress Book (it could change your life).

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