Tom Hollingsworth

depressed childTom Hollingsworth is a writer of short stories. Stories that mystify him.

He sits at a blank screen and then writes the first sentence that comes into his head.

Worlds familiar and yet somehow touching the ephemeral.

To enter his world is to enter the fragile and beautiful places at the edges of the human condition. Reading his work is like eating a strawberry: sweet, sharp and full of memories. As a result, he has created a set of stories so wonderfully diverse he calls it The Inverse View. This is the title of his first short story collection. Soon to be available for Kindle.

He lives in London and wants to be an alternate universe when he grows up!

Watch this space for his next story! In the meantime you can head over to Amazon and download his new novella ‘The Dice of Life‘. We promise you will be captivated and you will also laugh a lot.

If you’d like to find out more about Tom drop us a line.

CaptureTom Hollingsworth – The Shouter

CaptureTom Hollingsworth – The Empty Sky

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